Martijn Luttmer:
"Heartfelt harmonica"

About Martijn

My name is Martijn Luttmer and I was born om 11 February 1971 in Bussum, The Netherlands. On my fourth birthday, I got my first harmonica, a great instrument. It is simple: you can blow or inhale and you will get a sound! But most people will not pass the stage of the bluesharp. I got fascinated with the chromatic harmonica. More...

Latest News

Martijn on Dutch television – Noardewyn Live

Marijns first live performance together with pianist Tico Pierhagen was on 2 january 2015 in the television show Noardewyn Live. Noardewyn Live is the live music show of Omrop Fryslân – The Netherlands. They played three pieces that were also released on Martijn’s latest cd.

The new CD Frankly is available now!

Order your copy of the new cd Frankly of Martijn luttmer today!

Martijn Luttmer signs management contract with Masja Schimscheimer – Plus Produkties

On 17 April Martijn signed a management agreement with Plus Productions. From now on the organization of the larger performances of Martijn are arranged by Masja Schimscheimer , the driving force of Plus Productions . Masja has a great experience in managing artists. Most of these artists are well known in the Netherlands. Examples are Willeke Alberti , Opera Familia , Iris Kroes ( winner TVOH ) and Flarick.

Vintage France Celebrates the French Chanson

by Vivian Thomas

February 14, 2013

For lovers of French music, Putumayo has done it again. The company that specializes in world music had already released two of my favorite French CDs: Paris, featuring modern takes on classic French chansons; and French Café, which mixes the songs of such legends as Georges Brassens, Serge Gainsbourg, Jane Birkin and Barbara with those of talented new voices. Now they’re coming out with Vintage France, to be released February 26, offering the music of several generations of French musicians inspired by the tunes that were popular in France in the early to mid-1900s.

The “Battle” with Tinus Koorn

For years I stated that bluesharp players are not really serious musicians, but that was before I met Tinus Koorn, a Dutch diatonic harmonica player that really made the bluesharp into an instrument. Tinus plays jazz on a diatonic harmonica while I thought that this was only possible on a chromatic harmonica… It appears that Tinus is the only harmonica player in the Netherlands that graduated from the conservatory! By bending the notes he can play any song he likes.

Playing with the amazing Toni Zaffa and her friends

One of the highlights of the Noosa Jazz Festival 2012 in Australia was the performance of vocalist Toni Zaffa and her band. Together with pianist Ross Nixon, Peter Walters on Bass and Trent Bryson-Dean on the drums she showed the audience of the Noosa Yacht & Rowing Club her outstanding talent. I have been to the yaught club many times, but this was really something special. The audience was listening, almost affraid to breath, to the amazing show of Toni. It was impossible for me just to listen to these great musicians.

RC Putumayo Releases CD with track Martijn in the USA

Record company Putumayo will release a CD with the name Vintage France in the United States in October 2012 . On this compilation original Frech melodies can be found, but these melodies are all instrumentals. From harmonica player Martijn Luttmers’s first CD “La Libelula” the track “Les Parapluies de Cherbourg” will be included. If the CD will be available in The Netherlands is not known.

The enthusiasm of Eddie Conard

Eddie Conard is a very talented singer, one of the best percussionists in Europe, a very creative composer and renowned musical inovator. He is famous for his unconventional interpretations of Jazz, Funk, Latin, Pop and Dance music. Eddie performed with artists such as Sting, Chaka Khan, The Pointer Sisters, Toto, Al Jarreau, Soul Sister and Wall Street Crash among others. Recently Eddie was chosen by music-magazine Stage to receive the Percussionist of all Ages Award.

George Washingmachine favorite artist Noosa Jazz 2010

George Washingmachine, a festival favorite, swinging and eccentric singer as well as a dazzling violin player, accomplished actor and unabashed showman was again the favorite of the public during the Noosa Jazzfestival 2010. Singing and fiddling aside, George is a multi-insturmentalist – proficient on the double bass, guitar or anything with strings.

La Libelula name first CD

About six years ago I started thinking about making a CD. Today the master CD and the artwork were sent to a CD replication company!!! Although the project is not finished yet, the process of selecting, arranging, recording, editing and mastering is ready. Together with my friends Paul Poulissen, Lex Tanger, Rico de Jeer, Martin Jagt and of course Mathilde Keij, we have made a great CD that will get the name La Libelula.

  • Vanmiddag speel ik vanaf 14:30 bij restaurant Limes in de Naarden Vesting met het trio van Patrick John Mackaay. ,
  • Vanavond gaat het weer los... de twee wekelijkse sessie in de Vernissage te Bussum onder leiding van Paul Poulissen! Vanavond: Viva Brazil!,
  • Verrassend leuke laatste dag Noosa Jazz. Eerst Jazz in the Park, daarna weer jammen met Jan Preston Rococo's. ,
  • Dag 2 Noosa Jazzfestival - Australië. Waanzinnig optreden van The Queen of Boogie Woogie - Jan Preston Rococo's. ,
  • Veel Dixieland op 't festival. Niet helemaal mijn ding. Wel erg gezellig!,

Press Promo La Libelula

Have a look for the Press promo movie of La Libelula, the first CD of harmonica player Martijn Luttmer. During a few minutes you will be introduced to Paul Poulissen (Piano), Lex Tanger (drums), Rico de Jeer (Bass), Martin Jagt (Gitaar), Mathilde Keij (Vocals) and of course to Martijn Luttmer.

In the promo you can listen to a fragment of all tracks of the CD. Go to the video.